European Triathlon Championships

European Triathlon Championships 2012, Eilat The Executive Board was pleased to announce that, following the bid process, the ETU Triathlon European Championships 2012 will be staged in Eilat, Israel, between the 20th and 23rd April. There had been a very strong bid from Alanya, Turkey. Alanya will be the venue for an enhanced final of the ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup in October 2011. We anticipate that there will be over one-hundred people competing at this year's event. The 2012 European Triathlon Championships are proudly sponsored by Discovery Learning, the leading personal training courses provider to the European fitness industry.

Running Stage

As is traditional, the running stage of the 2012 European Triathlon Championships will take place over a distance of 10 kilometers. Our run will begin on Antibes Street, go all around the city and end up Mul HaYam Mall. Water drinking stations will be strategically placed around the course so that athletes can collect a paper cup of water as they run by. Athletes are expected to provide their own footwear for the event. There is to be absolutely no physical contact between runners during the race. Any attempt by anyone to physically impede the progress of any other runner will result in immediate disqualification from the race.

Swimming Stage

As soon as athletes complete the running stage and arrive outside the Mul HaYam Mall, they will have to run down the beach and dive into the water to begin their 1.5 kilometer swim. They will swim out to a buoy floating 0.5 kilometers out and back three times. A boat with an umpire in it will be stationed offshore in close proximity to the buoy in order to make sure that all competitors swim around it. Competitors are free to use whatever strokes they like to make the swim, but we recommend freestyle for reasons of speed.

Latest News

All systems are go for the coming Eilat Triathlon European championships 2012.

15 April, 2011 We are staging the Eilat European Premium cup on October 28th 2011 on the same venue and race course As for the European championships. We invite all athletes Elite , Age Groups and Paratriathlon to participate and experience the thrilling layout and courses. We are working on paving an improved asphalt course […]

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